I’m adding Patreon and Paypal Subscriptions

With webcomic ad revenue as a business plan going tits up for many artists these days, we have to seek out alternate modes of revenue generation which means relying upon the kindness of strangers.  I used to use Project Wonderful for ad services, but now that they are gone sadly.  My only alternatives are Patreon and PayPal for revenue generation. Or probably whoreing myself out on craigslist, but who want’s to do that more than once?

I have been fiddling around with Google testing their ad services but I don’t particularly like the lack of control over ad placement.  I find it rather disruptive to the flow of my content in fact.  It’s difficult getting a site designed just right then having an ad break up the content in awkward spots like that.

Therefore, I’ll resort to PBS style subscriptions from now on.  Like Your local PBS television station I now offer a small subscription for content you as a reader already get for free, and will still get for free whether or not you become a subscriber.

But for one dollar a month directly through Paypal (subscription link is to the right) you can help support the website and it’s background running costs such as server maintenance, domain leasing fees and so on.

Just use the subscription button to your right if you give a buck or do it from right here


For a one time only 5 dollar donation through Patreon I have an insane game I call “garbage roulette” where once a year a randomly selected loser amongst the subscribing Patreon followers receives 10 pounds of rotten garbage through the mail in a vacuum sealed bag–accompanied of course by a sincere thank you note/doodle sealed separately and placed inside it.

Details for the yearly game are available on my Patreon page:


Maybe one day if I generate enough revenue I’ll offer something more tangible–kinda like how PBS gives people coffee mugs and grocery bags for 50 bucks or something.

But you don’t have to subscribe at all to enjoy any of GFE’s content.  As always it’s all free!

Enjoy GFE.