GFE is almost ready for a relaunch! Explore its origins…

Back in 1996 I started scribbling those stereotypical little grey aliens on paper with either sharpies or #2 pencils while I was in Job Corps. By then I had already graduated high school and had a rather unsuccessful and incredibly fucking brief Naval career–that lasted maybe 5 months between enlistment and separation.

Then this thing called the internet got popular. “A goddamned flash in the pan”, I figured, but they kept sending me those free AOL CDs so I gave it a try.

…and 3 weeks later, when I stopped masturbating to let the blisters heal, I saw the other things the internet could be used for! GFE’s first host was an AOL Hometown page that I shared my crude little pencil scribbles on while I was crashing on my sisters couch for a couple of years. Because I was “functionally” homeless …again(but i’ll get into that later in other blogs).

I came up with “Greetings from Earth” around the year 2000 before starting college that way. I also tried creating a porn site around the same time too(the internet was crude back then). GFE was still just crude pencil drawings and the gist of it was they were basically space explorers just fucking incredibly baffled with human egotism. Humans always believing we are the exceptions rather than the rule. It was funny enough for about 100 views a month according to those web counter scripts.

Eventually I started college thinking,”Hey, maybe I can be a high school teacher!” then discovered I really fucking hate other peoples fucking kids! …well, 3 years into that still doodling aliens, eventually giving them color(I mean everything around them like backgrounds and shit because they are still fucking grey of course). I was drawing them with colored markers, still on paper and using a thrift store flat bed scanner with a stolen photoshop license to do the editing(free open source options were not widely available for used computers).

I eventually hosted my characters on a free subdomain for a while, started doing a 6 panel strip format, and wound up with my associates degree, …and once again homeless(this shit happened to me a lot).